the classic {viola davis}

i am so very proud of viola davis.

When I tell my daughter stories at night, inevitably, a few things happen. Number one, I use my imagination, I always start with life and then I build from there. And then the other thing that happens is she always says “Mommy… Can you put me in the story?” So, I’d like to thank Paul Lee, Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Bill D’Elia and Peter Nowalk, for thinking that a sexualized, messy, mysterious woman could be a 49 year old dark-skinned African American woman who looks like me. 

"Thank you to all the people who love me exactly how God made me."

Viola Davis,SAG Awards 2015.

I think that beauty is subjective. I’ve heard that statement [less classically beautiful] my entire life. Being a dark-skinned black woman, you heard it from the womb. And ‘classically not beautiful’ is a fancy term for saying ugly. And denouncing you. And erasing you. Now…it worked when I was younger. It no longer works for me now. It’s about teaching a culture how to treat you. Because at the end of the day, you define you.


stepping out solo {solange knowles}

reasons why we salute solange knowles in list format:

  • she's such an amazing example of unapologetic carefree black girl status
  • she follows her own path
  • her style has evolved into pure black girl magnificence 
  • she stands up for what she believes in (even if it may affect her pockets a little)
  • she's talented
  • {least of all} she's beyonce's cool little sis


write on {angela content}

many people say they want to write a book; most of those people will never achieve that goal. thirteen year old brooklyn native angela content doesn't have to worry about losing sight of that dream.  she has already written and published two novels.  and she is hard at work on book number three.  once angela decided this is what she wanted to do, she didn't procrastinate. instead she got to work handwriting the stories she needed to share.  it takes her about three months.  once she's done, she has a two hundred page manuscript on her hands.  next, angela uses CreateSpace for the editing and publishing process.  angela's books are available to buy on amazon and barnes and noble.  already, she has racked up a few hundred dollars in sales which go towards her college fund.  angela content is eager to continue her writing but also has interests in becoming a financial planner. with her track record, we bet she'll do exactly that.  


herstory lesson {ava duvernay}

chinua achebe said, "Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter." 

that said, we have to be responsible for creating, shaping and sharing our own stories. and that is why we are grateful to ava duvernay. ava appears to be committed to giving honesty, integrity and compassion (humanity) to black lives in her films. perhaps you may know her from work the beautiful film 'middle of nowhere' or maybe you've seen her directorial debut for shonda rhimes' scandal. hopefully, you won't miss her current project 'selma' which covers the marches in the south during the civil rights movement. we congratulate ms. duvernay for being the first african-american/black woman director to be nominated for a golden globe. ava is doing the work, the work that gives us dignity and humanity in the present and will help to shape our future.


joy to the world {joy reid}

mrs. joy-ann reid is a fave on the msnbc cable network. after her countless appearances on numerous shows, it's no wonder everyone kept asking when she would get her own. the folks at msnbc are no dummies and they kindly obliged.  and what exactly made this lovely lady so irresistible?  well, there's her kind smile, her sharp as a knife intelligence and her black girl beauty for starters.
joy, the brooklyn girl with guyanese and congolese roots, is a graduate of harvard university.  she was a host and producer for the morning show, "Wake Up, South Florida" and writer of a column in 'The Miami Herald.'  later, reid left florida to become the managing editor of, an online news source geared toward blacks and african-americans. she also became a welcomed guest and political commentator with several shows on msnbc as well as other networks. joy was a breath of fresh air in a room full of debilitating smoke when she covered the george zimmerman trial.  now, after much anticipation, joy is the host of her own show, the reid report. honestly, we couldn't be happier. 


saying goodbye {titi branch}

very sad news...according to many reports, it seems titi branch, co-founder of ms. jessie's natural hair care line, has passed away.  titi, along with her sister, accomplished so much in her 45 years.  it appeared she had many more goals she was on the way to achieving.  many sources are saying that she was suffering from depression and took her own life.  
i planned on eventually discussing black girl mental health and the myths that go along with that and i will.  but for now, black girls (and boys), do what you can to preserve your well being and sanity.  take care of yourselves.  if you are not fine, do your best to get help.  remember: you are loved.  xo


master chef {adaiah}

do you watch 'master chef junior?'  well, i must admit, i'm addicted to the show.  youngsters from ages 8-12 compete in various cooking competitions until one is crowned the winner.  don't let the age of the contestants fool you.  these kiddies are cooking at professional capacity.  one top chef was adaiah.  this girl can seriously throw down in the kitchen.  her meals were not only delicious but pretty as well.  adaiah made it to the top ten against thousands of others and placed third in the competition.  because of her talent, skill and discipline,  we felt the need to shine the spotlight on ms. adaiah and congratulate her on her accomplishments.  looking forward to eating at one of her restaurants in the near future.